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The Power of Listening: a neo-Jungian approach to Clinical Psychology and Cultural Complexes

with Carmen Livia Parise and Guilherme Scandiucci

Wednesday, September 13th.

9:00pm – 10:30pm

8:00pm – 9:30pm

4:00pm – 5:30pm

3:00pm – 4:30pm




(São Paulo/Buenos Aires)


(San Francisco)

Offered Live via Zoom


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It is a challenge for psychoanalysts to address and discuss emerging and pressing minority issues. How can these issues be tackled?

Carmen Livia Parise and Guilherme Scandiucci argue that classical analytic psychology and other depth psychologies have reached their limits. They argue for analytical psychology to enter into a more direct dialogue with the outside world and with what is being discussed in social movements. The psyche is political, so it is incumbent upon psychological practices and clinics to engage with what is happening on the periphery of the universe.

Parise and Scandiucci are referring to Black people, Indigenous people and non-white people in general, LGBTQIA+ and anyone who finds themselves on the margins of capitalist functioning and middle class lifestyles. They will discuss Jung’s relationship to groups and collectives and trace its development in analytical psychology. The speakers will address the issue of racism in analytical psychology, social psychology and the social sciences, and then discuss some clinical cases and reflect on how all this affects our listening in such situations.
An excursion into the ontologies of the Bantu and Yoruba represents an attempt to de-universalise the hegemonic white logic and to introduce elements that contribute to a more multi-faceted and sharper listening.

Who is Carmen Livia Parise ?

Carmen Livia Parise is a Clinical psychologist, analyst for ijusp, ajb and iaap, administrative director of ijusp, co-coordinator of Arqué – Nucleus of Archetypal Psychology of ijusp and of the Department of Sexual Diversity and Gender of AJB and member of Coletivo Aisthesis.

Who is Guilherme Scandiucci?

Guilherme Scandiucci is a Graduated in Psychology from the University of São Paulo (2002), MA in Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies – University of Essex (2007), Master’s Degree in School Psychology and Human Development from the University of São Paulo (2005) and PhD in School Psychology and Human Development from the University of São Paulo (2014). He is currently a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (graduation in psychology). Works as a psychotherapist (Private clinic). He has experience in Psychology, working mainly on the following topics: analytical psychology, cultural complexes, racism, urban environments, contemporary clinic.


Every Wednesday evening around half past eight, Sigmund Freud gathered colleagues in the waiting room of his Viennese practice at Berggasse 19 to open the world of psychoanalysis to powerful ideas. With his Psychological Club, C.G. Jung created a similar place in Zurich where the inner, often lonely work on the soul could find a balance in the exchange with others. Since 2020, in the form of a digital salon, Psychosocial Wednesday combines the ideas of these two men and provides a space where colleagues from all over the world and different disciplines can exchange their creative works and thoughts among themselves and with a wider audience. In 2023 the series takes its name by heart and explores the process of individuation and freedom after freedom in the 21st century from a psychosocial perspective.

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